Board of Directors

COLOM-PEQ Board of Directors meets and elects new officers

October 25, 2021

Colombia Poultry Export Quota Inc (COLOMPEQ) held its annual board of directors meeting in Miami in August and elected new officers. Fernando Ávila of FENAVI was elected president during this year's meeting, and Eduardo Gonzales (Mirasco) will serve as vice president. Two other officers, Mateo Paz-Soldan and Violeta Gutierrez-McCormick, remained as secretary and treasurer, respectively. In accordance with its statutes, the presidency of COLOM-PEQ rotates annually between its members, the National Federation of Poultry Farmers (FENAVI) and USAPEEC. COLOM-PEQ, Colombia Poultry Export Quota Inc., is a non-profit corporation established to administer, in an open tender, the tariff quotas for chicken leg quarters granted by Colombia to the United States under the Trade Promotion Agreement between the United States and Colombia. Other members of the board include Jim Sumner, president and CEO of USAPEEC; Gonzalo Moreno, executive president of FENAVI; and Luis Álvarez, director of the FENAVI poultry program. Fernando Amorim has also served in recent years and, more recently, as president. In addition to reviewing the board's business, which included the approval of funds for USAPEEC's marketing and technical programs, the group also met with representatives from Port Everglades, Blue Water Shipping, Lineage Logistics, and PriceSmart to learn more about the exports and logistics from Miami to Colombia.

(Photo) Colombia Poultry Export Quota Inc. (COLOM-PEQ) held its annual board of directors meeting in Miami last week, where it elected new officers. Among those present: (from left to right) Greg Tyler, Jim Sumner and Ernesto Baron from USAPEEC, Fernando Avila (FENAVI), Mateo-Paz Soldan (MP Strategies), Gonzalo Moreno (FENAVI), Luis Rodolfo Alvarez (FENAVI) and Violeta . Gutiérrez (DTB Associates).

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