July 10, 2022

Webinar of Central America, Dominican Republic and Panama

Added Value in the Poultry Industry

Module 3

USAPEEC, sponsored by the United Soybean Board and with the support of USDA, recently presented the digital seminar "Value Added in the Poultry Industry" Module 3. They were breaded products, cooking and technical presentation of machinery for breading and cooking. A total of 63 attendees from the poultry meat processing industry, importers, retailers, food service companies and producers from Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic participated in the webinar

The following speakers were present: Dr. Gerardo Casco, consultant for USAPEEC and Ing. Fernando Angel, manager of the North American technology center of GEA, suppliers of food processing technology, specialized in machinery, plants and process technology.

Huevinar of Central America, Dominican Republic and Panama:

“Egg and Egg products: Egg-based value-added products”

Module 2

USAPEEC, with the sponsorship of the American Egg Board and the support of the USDA, conducted module 2 of the USAPEEC webinar “EGGS AND EGG PRODUCTS, Value-Added Egg Products”, where the following topics were discussed:

• Animal welfare in egg production

• Egg functionality

• Essential ingredients in the kitchen (Product development).

Huevinar was attended by 38 participants; U.S. shell egg and egg product importers, chefs, and representatives of the foodservice, hotel, restaurant, bakery, and pastry industries, including culinary schools in the region.

USAPEEC brought together specialists on the subject, including Dr. Pilar Castañeda, counselor of the National Poultry Institute in Mexico, Dr. Carlos Amaya, professor of the feeding department of the biological sciences faculty of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico and Chef Gina Patron, USAPEEC Mexico consultant. Moderated by Mr. Jaime González, USAPEEC consultant in Mexico and Licda. Ana Vetorazzi of FTA International.

We invite you to register for module 3 next Wednesday, September 8: Egg Products: The ideal ingredient in the food industry.


USAPEEC, sponsored by the Kansas Soybean Commission, held the final of the “Gourmet Challenge” Contest on July 30 in Cartagena.

The goals of the event were to increase the offering of US poultry products on restaurant menus throughout Colombia, as well as to educate hotel chefs, restaurants, and food service operators about US products such as turkey, duck, and chicken in terms of taste, price and quality.

During the first phase of the competition, there were more than 600 participant registrations and of these, more than 300 completed the full application process.

Two grand winners were selected for Bogotá and one for Cartagena, each receiving a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA in December, based on COVID 19 restrictions.

The winners for Cartagena were the following:

First place: Chef José Alejandro Pacheco

Second place: Chef Andrea Pérez

Third place: Chef Miguel Augusto Castillo

Webinar quality, packaging and impact of the cold chain on poultry meat

USAPEEC, sponsored by the United Soybean Board, executed 3 cold chain webinars for government entities such as Invima (National Institute of Medicine and Food Surveillance) and Ica (Colombian Agricultural Institute), importers from Colombia, and port entities on the 24th, 25th and August 26, 2021.

The objective of the event was to provide extensive knowledge on the handling, quality and safety of meat, the cold chain, the production of chicken meat in the United States, the methods of freezing and refrigeration, the appropriate equipment, the procedures for its correct operation and what to do in unusual situations, in order to improve and optimize the processes of conservation and safety of frozen foods in Colombia.

These seminars were given by Dr. Gerardo Casco, USAPEEC Consultant and specialist in Poultry Sciences.

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